A Foreword : To Be Insane

in·san·i·ty (/inˈsanədē/)
noun: the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness.
synonyms: mental illness, madness, dementia
extreme foolishness or irrationality

That’s how our dictionary has defined ‘insanity’. There is a simple thought behind naming this magazine ‘The Symphony of Insanity’.

Don’t the routine and the people in your lives, at your workplace or the media often drive you towards a certain madness? There are so many reasons for a person being insane. you’re certainly not alone in this. We too found ourselves in that position.

What would happen if we expressed this insanity? We thought to ourselves. And the idea of this magazine came up. The Symphony of Insanity is not just a magazine to attract ‘views’ and ‘likes’ of the visitors and readers. It is an initiative to allow being different, and hence ‘insane’, as normal.

With time, the very concept of human values is changing. There are those who want to get done what they want to get done, at any cost. We think about it and leave it. What could we possibly do about anything? Because we are told to live by the rules, certain things which are followed by everyone just because it is being followed since years.

TSOI serves the purpose of breaking the stereotype of insanity and bringing out the voice of people to the everyone out there.

The most insane minds will be writing for the magazine. We’ll not just tell you about the insane things happening around, but we’d also express solutions to make them normal.  We will keep you updated with the most pragmatic and hence insane solutions to make your lives worthwhile.

We do deal with the subjects of politics, business, economics, social architecture, art, and culture. But every topic which has the potential and necessity to be discussed will be welcomed. The insane do not need boxes and checklists.

Let your insanity out there and see how it feels!

A foreword by about.me/mehulgangwal
A Chief Editor of about.me/tsoimagazine

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A Foreword: TSOI and 2017

Dear readers, members and future contributors,

After all the hype we’ve made over the last couple of months, some of you’d probably be wondering what we’re actually playing at. A magazine? Who even has time to read any more? Well, we’re here to rekindle your long lost love. And we don’t just write.

Anyway, we know your social media and the mass media subscriptions are screaming with enough complaints about political suppression, economic depression,  lack of business innovation, social stigmas, cultural loop holes and poor artistic taste. And we now you share enough of that across the globe with a belief that you’re making a difference.

We’re sorry, but whining doesn’t help. Solutions do. This is a solution oriented magazine for reforms in politics, economy, business, social architecture, culture and art. The best part is that we want your voices to be heard rather than that of some rowdy politician, industrialist and other big shot owned mass media or the social media being spammed by merely rebellious teenagers.

Of course, we also bring into 2017 a lot of entertainment, inspiring adventure stories and motivation. Our New Year’s Resolution is to send an avalanche of insane awesomeness into your feeds so that your otherwise boring lives do not remain so. You are now permitted to subscribe to our awesomeness!

So, have fun! The show begins soon.



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Coming Soon, This Jan 1, 2017

The Symphony of Insanity is a magazine with a difference. We welcome the most insane minds to join our team or at least contribute externally so that the voice of the people may be heard. We will keep you updated with the most pragmatic and hence insane solutions to make your lives worthwhile. All ideas for politics, business, economics, social architecture, arts and culture are welcome. All other ideas are also welcome. The insane do not need boxes and checklists. https://about.me/tsoimagazine