The True Essense of Feminism (continued)

A continuation of Feminism?

Along with making women strong, we must also strive to allow the men to understand and respect us. We must feel free and safe enough to go out at any time, instead of making us stay in a house. Then, we’d know that men do respect us.

So please ladies, if u are wearing a ‘short’ dresses, don’t categorize it under feminism. It’s your lifestyle. Don’t mislead others.

To quote an example, I remember a post that I read on Facebook. There was a girl who was having her periods and roamed around the city with the stains and whenever any women approached her to tell about it, she considered it as a shame. She wrote that the women who came forward to offer her a pad didn’t respect the natural cycles and are ashamed of it. But girl, that wasn’t brave of you. That was stupidity. A pad is not to hide weakness, it’s for hygiene. This was a perfect example of misleading people.

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One thought on “The True Essense of Feminism (continued)

  1. The woman who ran marathon on her period:

    she couldnt give up something she trained for over a year :)….She felt most comfortable when running without pads and she went ahead and did it. Also read her thoughts on everyone running for their personal mission…and so was she.

    Incredible I think…I couldnt imagine myself like that. But hey, I really have never been in that situation where I was supposed make a difficult choice.


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