What does a woman want? Is it the era of a perfect family, a perfect husband or children, just so that she would dedicate her whole life for that sake? It hasn’t changed that much, but due to the need of the hour, now wants one thing for sure. Respect!

To ‘help’ women protect themselves, many organizations have come forward. But is that what we need? Is this the goal of feminism? I believe not!

I don’t say that what the organizations are doing is wrong, but this is just making us more dependent on them than empowering us. So what is going wrong here? Why is the notion of feminism so mistaken?

We women should understand the true meaning of it. We are not here to fight against the men. We fight against the odds. Respect means equality. We are not here to
snatch the opportunities from men. We are merely here to create our own opportunities. To free ourselves from all the clutches in which we have been trapped for many years. To be free from all the burden that is put on us by ‘society’.

Giving us ‘reservations’ or ‘exemptions’ is not what we require. We require ‘Equality’. Reservations are a weakness in disguise. It will not empower us but will make us ‘used to it’. What if we are gifted? There is no need for ‘help’ from the fake hands that show up with hidden intentions.

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An article by about.me/vrushalipatil


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