Life – A Game Continues

This is a continuation of this

Chess also teaches us that we must always play for a win. If you are up against a stronger opponent and play for a draw, you will probably end up losing. When you have an advantage, play to maintain it, else be patient and seize it at the right moment.

Chess taught me to keep my emotions in control. It taught me that no matter what state of mind you are in and how intimidating your opponent is, we must bottle up all our emotions and let it out only in those sixty-four squares. In chess, sometimes we end up in a zugzwang. A zugzwang is defined as a situation in which a  player is forced to make a disadvantageous move. Parallels in life, there will be times where we must make sacrifices and play moves that seem disadvantageous for us at the moment but are for the greater good in the long run.

There is a common tactic called discovered attack in chess  which involves a player pretending to do something but attacking something else. We must apply the same to life and ensure that others are not able to guess our moves and take us for a ride. We must make it a point to add a tinge of mystery to our lives.

We should not worry if things start to look hopeless or you don’t have any idea what move to make, view from a different perspective and try to analyze the situation from a different angle. We should never give up and always be on the watch. When we lose we should accept defeat gracefully and be a good loser because we never really lose in life. We should use the game to reload our experiences and use it as ammo to move up the ladder of life.

Chess is proof that once we start to look out for solutions, life gives it by hiding it in the strangest of places.


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