Life – A Game of Chess

When I was about twelve, my grandma taught me how to play chess. It took me a few days to understand the rules and learn it. Being an avid Sudoku lover, that is, being a person who solves math for fun, my grandma slaughtered me in almost all the games we played. It was only after a month did I start winning games. At that time chess was all about winning or losing.

Life is a game of chess.

Looking more deeply, I realized that people like me are playing chess in their daily lives in different situations. Although all of them do not realize that they have made a move, we are playing different games against different opponents in our lifetime. Some games are easy and some are tough, some games are friendly matches and others are not, and not all the games have the same time control.

Given that chess was initially designed as an allegory of human life,  there are a lot of lessons I learned from chess that we can imbibe in our lives. As in chess, we must choose our moves carefully. The moves we make should be backed up a proper strategy and tactics instead of simply playing ineptly. We must have a game plan and must also learn to be flexible with it. We can think for hours to come and come up with a great plan but, the next move your opponent makes could catch you off guard and turn everything over. So, we must be quick in adapting to unexpected changes.

To be continued.

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